Terms & Conditions

California Wine Tours is a professional and well established transportation company committed to getting our guests and passengers to their destinations on time and in comfort. However, when circumstances are out of our control such as delays caused by traffic, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, government actions or labor disputes, we will do everything in our power to maintain all schedules and routes but will not guarantee departure and arrival times at a specific time. This also applies to riders not following instructions. To further protect you, if an Act of God or other serious event takes place and we believe it inadvisable to operate vehicles either from the departure location or to/from Levi’s Stadium for any reason whatsoever, California Wine Tours shall not be liable, or be caused to be held for damages for any reason whatsoever.

Refund Policy:

There shall be no refunds or replacements of either tickets or season passes under any circumstances.


Children may be allowed to ride the shuttles if they are under the age of two years and will not occupy a seat that could otherwise be held by other passengers.

Code of Conduct:

California Wine Tours supports The San Francisco 49ers Fan Code of Conduct and expects all fans riding the SF 49ers Fan Express Shuttles to behave appropriately and to respect all rules and regulations. This includes all local, state and federal laws and / or any verbal or posted directives from the San Francisco 49ers or their representatives. Thus we may refuse admission to or eject any ticket holder (without refund) who is deemed to be disorderly, displaying or verbalizing obscenity in any way or who fails to comply with these terms or any and all security measures. We reserve the right to refuse re-entry to the Shuttles at the end of the games if rider’s behavior is deemed inappropriate.

The SF 49ers and California Wine Tours are committed to proactively creating an environment where patrons and their families, friends and/or clients can enjoy their experience free from any of the following behaviors:

  • Obscene or abusive language and / or behavior
  • Offensive clothing
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks and / or gestures
  • Intoxication or signs of impairment related to alcohol or drugs
  • Smoking (except in designated areas)
  • Irresponsible drinking or behavior
  • Inappropriate displays of affection
  • Gang activity
  • Any distraction to the progress of the game
  • Excessive standing that obstructs the view of other patrons
  • Throwing objects of any kind
  • Occupying any seat without the appropriate ticket
  • Other actions that cause a disruption and / or hinder the enjoyment of the game for other fans

No smoking.

Lost and Found

California Wine Tours will not be responsible to items left on the buses. Passengers are encouraged to search their seating areas to ensure all possessions have been collected.

Policy Changes

California Wine Tours may revise these Terms & Conditions at any time, and all users will be bound by such revisions. Revisions will be posted on this “Terms & Conditions” page and users are responsible to review the page from time to time to ensure compliance.

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